The Chilly Morning Commute

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That first breath of air when you first step out into the clear, crisp, cold morning, catches a bit in your throat and lungs quickly bringing your senses to a heightened state if you’re not yet fully awake.  You hop on your bike and immediately feel that cold air get even colder on your face from the wind.  Your nose starts to run; your cheeks start to freeze.  They’re cold but not yet painful.

Continuing on your commute you take in the bright morning sun that’s going to warm it up so quick; if only you could wait another little bit to go, also affording you that extra little bit of shut-eye and a few more sips of hot coffee.  But you can’t and you’re already on your way.  You’re a couple minutes in and are feeling your ears start to freeze.  That hat you wore on last night’s run isn’t quite sufficing.  You alternate hands pressing against your ears to keep them from going completely num.  You dodge that ice sheet from the house that still thinks its summer and wants green grass.

The sun’s bright; you’re warming from the effort despite the increased speed.  Your down jacket’s doing its job superbly.  Almost there.  You’re almost bummed that your commute’s about to end but the next hot coffee beckons.

You get there.  Frozen toes, cold hands, but you’re wide eyed and awake ready to take on and enjoy the day.  That second first sip of coffee of the day, ahh, so good. It hits the spot better than the first.

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