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The month of March has brought me south from Asheville a bit to that of Brevard, North Carolina for part 1 of Garneau-Quebecor’s team camp.  The riding around Asheville is incredible but the riding down here is arguably even better.  There’s more selection of everything.  More, longer, and harder climbs, and more flat for the easy days/flat days.  Plus endless rolling terrain.  Also, as much as Asheville seems like an active community, here seems even more so.  There’s a smattering of mountain biking around, some say the best in the east, and you’re constantly seeing riders and bikes on cars and in the bed of pick-ups.  There are also a lot of streams and rivers around that both paddlers and anglers take full advantage of.  And that’s just from what I’ve seen riding around as I’m sure there’s loads more of activity going on.

Most of the time I don't stop for photos as every turn deserves one so here's one from
Most of the time I don’t stop for photos as every turn deserves one so here’s one from A pretty incredible place all around.  It’s not quite that green yet here though.

The team is a smidge smaller this year and not everyone one is here but with the arrivals of the new additions from British Columbia and Australia we have a pretty full house and great training rides.  We’ve been doing a host of solid 4 to 6 hour rides with a lot of climbing so the legs are getting fit.  These rides have been pretty great coming from doing a lot of solo rides.  Riding with people for company makes it even more enjoyable and even though we aren’t doing super high end stuff yet, the bit of competitiveness pushes you that extra little bit.  And just finding new roads is always fun even in the changing weather.  We’ve gone from hats and gloves with snow to shorts and jerseys a number of times already this past week.  Should stay the latter luckily here on out until part 2 of camp in Florida.

Not sure where the name came from here but the original is a bit more happening.
A long way from the team’s home but the cold still found us that day.

One of the best things about riding for an international team is the wide background of personalities.  Our team is composed of 3 different countries with 5 different states/provinces.   Some of the most notable, aside from accents and languages, is the slang, diet choices, and training approaches.  The slang from the Aussies has added to that of the Quebecois French but they seem to have even more.  Some that you are left asking, what did you just say.  Diets are always different and maybe not entirely from where you’re from but it definitely has an influence such as the Quebecois guys always having a beer or wine with dinner, the Aussies eating fish (availability I guess), and a fruit/vegie vegan extremist from BC.  And when I say extremist, think bananas, etc. by the 40 pound box.  I guess it works though.  Furthermore, you would think that with all of us at relatively the same level and doing the same races our training would be similar.  I guess it is a bit but the approach is different with some doing super focused intervals, some just riding, and a mix in the middle.  Time will tell what works.  With all our differences though we do have a lot of common ground which you need as well to make a great, well working team.


From the top of Caesars Head.  A nice climb to get there.
From the top of Caesars Head. A nice climb to get there.

This is just the start but so far it’s the makings of a great year.  We have a pretty ambitious calendar with hosts of big races so better get out there and get the riding in in today’s sunny warmth.  Hopefully the hamstring cooperates which lately it’s been on and off but with some position adjustments it should come around with the proper care.  And if you’re looking for a time trial bike see for mine from last year.  It has a review too with a video.

Great weather this day for a ride in a pretty awesome place.
Great weather this day for a ride in a pretty awesome place.













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