Driving from Santiago to Santo Domingo

Driving from Santiago to Santo Domingo

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While zig-zagging through traffic at 70+mph down a highway that’s filled with scouters, motorcycles with two or three people on them driving down kind of the side of the road, along with trucks and other cars just good enough to run, like ours, you start wondering what makes people in countries so far apart, such as China or the Dominican, to have an utter disregard for safety.  They’re not seeking a trhill nor enjoy being on the edge of life and death but rather it’s just how it is.  In most facets of what they do, the do just what needs to be done to work and get by.  Of the four different vehicles that I’ve thus far been in, they all had the check-engine light on and barely started.  This particular one had steam coming out of the air vents too.  But they all got the job done.  (And if you don’t have motorized transport you just ride your horse down the highway of which we just passed.)

At least here in the Dominican they do respect traffic laws a bit more, such as stopping at red lights, at least during the day as at night you just go because you don’t want to stop as you might get mugged.  I doubt you would get stopped though even if you ran a light right in front of a cop.  On the drive from the airport upon arriving here, one of the guys who spoke English said that you can do whatever you want in the Dominican, like Wild West whatever you want.  No one’s going to tell you no.  Somewhere in the middle is probably good. And if you have money you can get whatever you want.

Between the way people drive, the roads, and a bit of disorder to say the least, it’s going to be an interesting bike race where all three of those need to be of descent quality to have a race that you’re not going to die at.

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